Hi, I’m Xinch.

I’m a marketer and entrepreneur.

I’ve spent most of my adult life in startups and tech. But my career started in internet marketing, selling some really weird personal growth products online (if you get a few drinks in me, I’ll share).

After a couple of years as a social media consultant running campaigns for F&B, retail and political organizations, something really crazy happened to me, which led me to co-found a personal safety service called Watch Over Me. We were used by over 300,000 women in 100+ countries before the team was eventually acquired by Carousell in 2016.  

During this time, I also cofounded an event space + coworking management startup called The Canvas, and ran a website selling info products teaching men how to pick up women. Random, I know.  

Today, I am mostly quite focused on marketing and leadership.

I lead the marketing team at StoreHub, an omnichannel platform used by 13,000+ retail and F&B businesses across Southeast Asia. I’ve also been the the digital marketing instructor at  Next Academy, helming their Digital Marketing Quantum Degree program since 2017  and advise startups on go-to-market strategy and early stage fundraising.

When I’m not at my laptop, I obsess over the true crime genre on Netflix, my plants and great food.

You can look me up on LinkedIn where I mostly share lessons in leadership or marketing, or follow me on Instagram where I document my somewhat boring and fairly random life.